A Welcome...or Warning

December 20, 2010

Evil always seems to have a penis. But we know that is not always the case, at least ever since Lilith walked the earth. The fairer sex has every capacity to do harm. Just like men. Just like all human beings.

Femininity belies a fascinating capacity for evil. Some of the most evil people in history have vaginas, anyone from Elizabeth Bathory to Amy Fisher to Lucrezia Borgia. Some of them do not exist. Snow White's stepmother. Poison Ivy. Bellatrix Lestrange.

Showcased in this blog are those last, the fictional women who have scared, unnerved, and out-and-out seduced us through entertainment, literature and pop culture. Sure, there may be far more frightening examples in real life. But there's nothing more galvanic than a power-hungry goddess on the verge of world domination or a cold-blooded femme fatale out to kill the Prime Minister...of another galaxy. Those women have more balls than any man in existence.     

This blog intends to wrench a variety of reactions from you dear reader. Be inspired by these women's strength. Their tenacity. Their resilience. 

But you would not want to do the things they did.

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