Sheila Carter

January 31, 2011

Soaps burst at the seams with villainesses, but Sheila Carter takes the cake among them. Simply put, this woman has seen it all, said it all, and done it all as an all-around, Grade-A soap beeyatch.

Played (for the most part) by the magnificent Kimberlin Brown, Sheila Carter is one of the few faces on TV you’d give anything to impale with a fireplace poker. Her evil is such that no single soap opera could contain it. She is one of the first characters to cross over two soaps, starting out as a harmless-looking nurse in The Young and the Restless before slithering as a full-on hellion into Bold and the Beautiful. By the time she left Genoa City for Los Angeles, Sheila Carter had daytime TV-watching America clenching their fists.

Every city baits a new man for Sheila Carter. First it was Dr. Scott Grainger in Y&R, then fashion house owner Eric Forrester in B&B. When Sheila Carter wants a man, you’d know better than stand in the way. 

A partial list of Sheila Carter’s misdeeds (via Soap Central): 

  • kidnapped Scotty Grainger, switched him for a broker baby
  • poisoned James’ father
  • altered paternity test of Bridget Forrester
  • set a Doberman on security guard Mike Guthrie
  • murder of Jay Garvin, her shrink
  • shooting and mercury poisoning of Stephanie Forrester
  • murder by bees of Lance, whom she had gotten to drug Amber
  • kidnapped Amber Forrester
  • shot Brooke Logan and Taylor Forrester
  • shot Maggie Sullivan
  • kidnapped Phyllis Newman, Summer Newman, and Fenmore Baldwin
During her reign of terror, Sheila Carter has made more than one attempt to kill a certain Lauren Fenmore. Unfortunately for Sheila, girl has more lives than your average Catwoman. In 2005, Sheila returned to Genoa City, where she terrorized her favorite witch’s doll once more—and may have blown up some yachts in the process. A little later in the series, Sheila undergoes a plastic surgery that made her resemble Phyllis Summers, requiring Michelle Stafford to step in Kimberlin Brown’s place. In 2007, after nearly 17 years, Lauren finally outlived her sworn nemesis.

So what hasn’t Sheila Carter done, in hindsight? Killing Lauren. Oh, and getting the men she dearly wants. 

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