Madonna is Madonna: Or Why Hydrangea-gate Doesn't Matter

September 16, 2011

I have to admit I was gutted at first by Madonna's reaction to the flower gift. I felt for the fan. Rather, I felt I was the fan (who later turned out to be a Borat-type). I nearly literally broke records, i.e. my Madonna CDs,after watching this. But I did not let feelings override good judgment, which I eventually passed on the Queen after I heard her publicist's two cents. 

It was not like Madonna meant for everyone to hear her now-infamous line, "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas." It just happened that she is a celebrity, always under the microscope (and near the microphone). She  only did what everyone else has done at one point or the other in their lives: Talk or think lowly about a gift behind the giver's back. 

It's all about the flowers, not the giver whom she thanked twice. She just detests them. 

True to form, Madonna never backed down. Days after her public statement, she put out this "apology" on YouTube, further cementing her singular genius and shrewdness.

This is all superfluous, however. Ever ahead of her time, she had already said what could be said about this non-issue years before it even happened: 

"I'm not sorry. It's human nature."

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