Review: Disney's My Side of the Story - Snow White/The Queen

September 01, 2011

This Disney children's bookis intriguing on so many levels. Nowhere else in all media would you find Snow White's story told from the character's point of view. 

But with all due respect to Snow White: We have heard it all before. The most fun part of this book is when you turn it over and—voila!—literally the other side of the story.

From here you can read Snow White's story as told by the Evil Queen herself. But expect no all-out confessions to the crime rather than very laughable justifications as to why she did what she did. Apparently Snow White's villainous stepmother is a health nut in the vein of Jane Fonda. 

See for yourselfif you're convinced by her ramblings. This makes for a great read not just for the little ones but also for anyone who has grown up with Disney villains and princesses.

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