Ebony Scrooge

December 25, 2012

MadonnaMariah CareyBarbra StreisandAretha FranklinJanet JacksonKylie MinogueCherCeline Dion—every female musician must watch A Diva's Christmas Carol. Fact is, any female celebrity, whether she sings or not, should watch A Diva's Christmas Carol: Do you copy, Anna WintourMartha Stewart?

Vanessa Williams, one hot diva herself, plays Ebenezer Ebony Scrooge in this re-imagination of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Winter-hearted ("Sometimes the snow comes out in June...") and tightfisted, Ebony wants to stage a 'charitable' Christmas concert on Christmas Day itself, angering a staff looking for that one reprieve of the year (from her cruelty, among other things).

With VH1 at the production reins of this movie, you can't help but suspect if Ebony alludes to a real primadonna in the business. Only VH1's kind of industry knowledge and pull—Duran Duran's John Taylor even acts in the movie—can make A Diva's Christmas Carol a gossipy delight, name-dropping everyone from Bette Midler to Whitney Houston. Throughout the film there is that nagging question: Could Ebony be Beyoncé in disguise? Girl has always been rumored to stage-hog her old triumvirate Destiny's Child

Then again, Desire, the fictional R&B girlband of which Ebony is member, could be anything: The SupremesSalt-n-PepaEn Vogue, or TLC. (Incidentally, Chilli stars in this film.)

No matter whom she hints at, Ebony teaches viewers that stars are hardly grounded. And if any star were to look approachable, remember that nobody is that kind in showbusiness. You'd be better off not believing those fronts right when you see them. Many celebs, female or male, are badly in need of repeat visits from the Ghosts of Christmas tonight. 

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