March 06, 2013

"Are you a god?" Gozer asked Ray in a famous scene from Ghostbusters.

Earth's boundary with Hell is only as solid as the US-Mexico border. Every so often, hell-gods like Glorificus and Gozer tear the dimensional fabrics and treat Earth as their personal grate. 

Though played by Serbian model Slavitza Jovan, Gozer is technically sexless, as in David-Bowie-sexless. And like any theophany, Gozer goes by several names: The Gozerian, Volguus Zildrohar, and Lord Of The Sebouillia. As The Traveler, Gozer hops from one world to another, and in doing so lives up to yet another honorific: The Destructor. Yes, Gozer's travel itinerary involves destroying worlds. 

In the face of Gozer, in the face of a deity, the Ghostbusters had their work cut out for them for a while. 

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