Selina Matias

April 07, 2013

Some of the most maleficent villains come from Asian cinema and television. Just look deep in the well for proof.

In the Philippines, a soap called Mula sa Puso ("From the Heart") has an outstandingly inhuman character named Selina Matias. Ridiculously manipulative and helplessly evil, Selina elicited so much hate from viewers across the island nation; there were even reports of tomatoes being hurled in public at Princess Punzalan, who played the role.

Let's just say The Bold and the Beautiful's Sheila Carter has nothing on Selina. Whereas Sheila and many other soap villains killed and maimed for the Man, Selina was out for the Money. Her onus was to obtain the copious fortune her half-brother Fernando would lavish on her niece Olivia. A bundle of pesos is apparently thicker than blood. 

Selina's faults are grievous and many, an incomplete litany of which follows:
  • urged Fernando and Criselda to take Olivia away from Magda and move to America
  • disfigured Magda's face with acid
  • kidnapped Olivia on her 18th birthday and buried her alive
  • planted a bomb in her goon's briefcase
  • drove a lawyer insane by having her raped 
  • shot husband Ysmael
  • hired someone to pretend as Olivia's real mother
  • rained bullets on that woman inside a phone booth
  • had Magda's brother sodomized in prison
  • shot Rafael's mother
  • had Mariel raped
  • tried to murder Mariel's mother
  • crippled Leo with a piece of wood
  • drugged and took pictures of Magda beside a naked man 
  • shot Olivia on her wedding
  • kidnapped Olivia's baby
  • gave Olivia a dead cat as gift
Her caliber of evil is such that it overlaps with terrorism already. No Filipino alive in the late 1990s could forget this:

Running for two years straight, Mula sa Puso caved in to jump-the-shark moments, and Selina provided many of them. This bitch survived cancer, a car explosion, and even a staggering fall from a high-rise. Terminator, meet Selinator.

A remake of Mula sa Puso in 2011 featured Eula Valdez as the demon incarnate. The new version supplied a backstory to Selina's malevolence and lengthened her criminal record some more: 
There must be a special place in Hell for Selina: a bus burning for eternity.

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