And the Best-Dressed Woman of Halloween 2013 is...

November 04, 2013

Rapper Iggy Azalea at the VEVO Halloween party in London, Oct. 31

Miley Cyrus is obviously sitting on top of the zeitgeist, if the sheer number of people dressed up as her on Halloween is any indication. Her VMA performance certainly got tongues other than hers wagging.  

So it must be a breather to see people like Iggy Azalea take on classic Halloween costume ideas like Cruella de Vil. Then again, we can't count those who have channeled Disney's Anna-Wintour-from-Hell look since 101 Dalmatians premiered in 1961. They would probably outnumber all these Cyrus wannabes put together. 

We're pretty sure Azalea is meant to be Cruella before Cruella: Look at the caring way in which she leashed that dalmatian!

As if the getup and pet weren't spot-on (pun not intended), Azalea stepped out in a vintage car! 

If rapping weren't her day job, she would definitely be a shoo-ion for that live-action Cruella movie.

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