Sisters Doin' It For Themselves

February 08, 2014

To paraphrase the Annie Lennox-Aretha Franklin song, sisters are doing it for themselves in comic books. 

As you may know, the revamped, qualifier-free Marvel title X-Men has come to mean just that: a team of mutants who are neither men nor uncanny. In an industry characterized by machismo, the books constitute a coup for feminism, gathering female fan favorites like Storm and Psylocke to showcase the best of super-humanity.

But in the grand tradition of catfights, this faction of the X-Men must square off with the Sisterhood: a team of supervillainesses which for now consists of the resurrected Lady Deathstrike, goddess/enchantress Amora, and Daredevil nemesis Typhoid Mary. 

Marvel notched up gender equality in villainy before, minting such storylines as the Dark Phoenix saga and Necrosha as well as household names like Mystique and Emma Frost. As a certain wedding proved, Marvel is not about to let up in making bold statements soon. 

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