Moonrise! The Trailer For The New Sailor Moon Is Here, Space-ially For You

June 06, 2014

In the name of the moon, she will punish you! 

Usagi Tsukino's return to TV is ever waxing. After teasing fans around the world with that image, Toei Animation has finally released the trailer for its much-awaited Sailor Moon reboot, Crystal.

As advertised, the series looks really more faithful to the comic book version, insofar as the characters retain their quintessentially reedy shapes. We're not sure if Sailor Moon and the gang are still capable of those wacky expressions that endeared them to viewers in the 90s. More alarmingly, there's no trace of the iconic "Moonlight Densetsu" theme in the trailer; you'll hear a new tune by a group called Momoiro Clover Z instead. Hey, at least Kotono Mitsuishi will reprise her voicing duties for Usagi. 

There's no glimpse yet of Beryl and her cohorts, but this trailer is enough to whet our lunacy:

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal will arrive in July.

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