This July, Make Way for The Real Guardians of the Galaxy

June 03, 2014

This year, Toei Animation is doing the amazing unthinkable: reboot the Sailor Moon animated series! 

Starting this July, viewers will get an all-new episode of the iconic anime fortnightly. The new material is not a continuation of the last season, Sailor Stars; it will outright hit restart on the series. Dubbed Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, the remake is supposedly more faithful to the manga than the beloved 90s show. 

This could only mean the return of...Queen Beryl! According to the plot synopsis: 
As a chosen guardian of justice, Usagi seems to have a mission to find the Illusionary Silver Crystal with the other guardians and to protect the princess. Meanwhile, the queen of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, also sends minions to the town where Usagi lives to obtain the Illusionary Silver Crystal, which has immense power. 
Are you ready to sniff Crystal? You are certainly not tripping when you see this hair-raising image, the first ever released from the remake: 

Meanwhile, Hulu has been airing the original Sailor Moon series since May 19. The stream will eventually mark the first showing of Sailor Stars in the US. Best of all, Hulu will stream all 200 episodes of the series, remastered and uncut, with all the LGBTQ innuendos intact.

You've got to love 2014. This will make you lunatic, in a good way:

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