Now For The Creepiest Music Video You'll Watch All Halloween

October 31, 2014

Is this 90s pop star Satan's grand high priestess? 

We've heard of subliminal sexual messages in Disney films, but have you heard about subliminal satanic messages in pop music videos? Well, this one takes the devil's cake. 

If you grew up in the 90s, you would find it hard to escape Whigfield's "Saturday Night," which hit number 1 in the UK singles charts in 1994. There is remotely nothing about the lyrics and the call-to-the-floor Euro beats to suggest that Whigfield, Sannie Charlotte Carlson in real life, dabbles in the dark arts. The promo video, however, could be diabolic.

To scare yourself on Halloween night, watch this video by yourself until the 1:28 mark. We won't spoil you with screencaps, as it's more eerie fun if you do the pausing yourself. 

WTF, indeed. She even kisses the ghastly thing by the 2:54 mark.

Cautionary Women likes to differentiate itself from those petty conspiracy theorist websites accusing every piece of pop culture they come across of Illuminati/satanic symbolism. We admit we've just made their job easier though.

Devil worship or not, "Saturday Night" is an irresistible pop classic, one that just begs to be played at #throwback parties everywhere. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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