9 Worst Possessed Women

May 03, 2015

It's bad enough to be diagnosed with intestinal parasites—how much more a disembodied spirit? Unfortunately for the following fictional women, invisible entities have chosen to squat in their bodies. 

Roman, "Roman Holiday" Live at the Grammys 2012

Fresh off her Super Bowl set with the Queen of Pop—itself dogged by accusations of Satanism and subliminal Illuminati symbolism—Nicki, in a red Versace number that made her look like Little Red Riding Hood from Hell, walked the Grammys red carpet with a man dressed as the Pope. She later brought her escort onstage for a truly diabolic performance, which introduced her fiendish alter-ego 'Roman' and culminated with the rapper ascending toward the Staples Center ceiling. It was high camp more than anything, but conservatives and gospel-leaning hiphop fans failed to see the theatrical artistry in it. 

Emily Rose, The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Emily Rose's character is loosely based on the case of Anneliese Michel, who perished in 1976 from inadequate medical attention and malnutrition due to the yearlong exorcisms performed on her. Jennifer Carpenter, who played the title character, went on to win the 2006 MTV Movie Award for Best Frightened Performance. 

Akasha, Queen of the Damned

Anne Rice is the modern authority on vampires, so better believe her when she says that the first one was created by accident. Amel, a particularly bloodthirsty demon, fused with the body of a slain Egyptian monarch, creating the Queen of the Damned, the mother of all vampires. 

Katie, Paranormal Activity

Taking a leaf out of The Blair Witch Project playbook, Paranormal Activity has made serious bank on the 'found footage' genre. Unlike its precedent, however, Paranormal Activity has spread itself too thin across many sequels for it to ever universally suspend disbelief again. Nothing beats the novelty of the first film, a voyeuristic insight into one woman's downward spiral toward madness, if not hell itself. 

Dana Barrett, Ghostbusters

Photo via The Guardian

As it turns out, Sigourney Weaver's body was taken over only by a henchman of the main baddie, the androgynous god called Gozer. But still, she was one devilish vision in that off-shoulder orange dress. 

Emily Brenek, The Possession

Via Bloody Disgusting

Exorcisms have always been considered Catholic practices, but the fact that this movie views demonic possession from a Jewish perspective begs to ask: Do demons fear any one religion at all? Perhaps the answer lies in one key scene, when the dybbuk in Em caused the Torah to fly out of her dad's hands. 

Tristana Medeiros, REC 

Via rec tristiana medeiros

Count on the Spaniards to high-handedly impute zombification to preternatural causes. Apparently the zombie epidemic can be traced to the blood of a Portuguese girl named Tristana, who carried a demon in her. 

Frankie Paige, Stigmata

Once upon a time, Hollywood producers had a light bulb moment. If someone were to be possessed by Jesus Christ, wouldn't the effect be as scary as anything Pazuzu ever did? You can explore this possibility at length in 1999's Stigmata, a movie that will leave you confused whether to kneel in religious zeal or run in sheer fright at the sight of Patricia Arquette levitating, blood dripping from her wrists. 

Regan MacNeil, The Exorcist 

Every movie ever made about demonic possession—in fact every show on this list—somehow owes something to The Exorcist. Everything has been done before by that queen bitch of all possessed ladies, Regan, or more specifically, the Mesopotamian deity taking residence in her. Linda Blair's yogic walk on the stairs, spinning head, projectile vomit—these are all as iconic as they could get. Pop culture will forever be possessed by her, as players of this game realized too late:

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