Why do you doubt Kristen Wiig can play a serious villain?

March 10, 2018

Director Patty Jenkins herself confirmed the news: It's Kristen Wiig as the villain in the next "Wonder Woman" film.

It's an opportunity to showcase range for Wiig, who despite such titles as “The Skeleton Twins” and “Welcome to Me,” has been pigeonholed into goofy roles. 

Casting comedians in dark roles comes with the territory for DC, if anyone remembers Danny DeVito's turn as the dastardly Penguin in 1992's "Batman Returns."

Wiig will most probably be inhabiting the character of Barbara Minerva, an alter ego of Cheetah introduced in the "Wonder Woman" comics in 1987. The sequel is said to take place in the 1980s, and Jenkins has revealed she would like the tone to take on the decade's penchant for action adventures like Indiana Jones. 

Here's Jenkins tweeting the news:

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