How to Dress as Bellatrix Lestrange

October 17, 2011

With the closing of the Harry Potter movie series in July, Bellatrix Lestrange has emerged as the woman to be for Halloween 2011. Who wouldn't want to be her? Witches are the empresses of Halloween. Wickedest of wicked witches, Bellatrix is not above placing Cruciatus hexes on you. Here's how to dress up as Bellatrix for Halloween:

1. Wand

Get into character with a Harry Potter wand. Your Bellatrix getup is incomplete without it.

Like its owner, Bellatrix's wand can be described as "unyielding." Her first and more iconic of two wands is curved and made of walnut, with dragon heartstring for core. You can make do with intricate wand replicas.

2. Costume

Bellatrix is often clad in a black dress with detached sleeves held on to the top by way of strings. A leather-looking corset also girths her.

You can get a good bargain on ready-made Bellatrix costumes here. But you'd be surprised how easy it is to DIY Bellatrix's costume using old threads. Just raid the thrift shops or someone's closet for a black skirt, preferably tattered at the hemline; a black long-sleeved shirt; and heeled boots. Also get a piece of leather or similar material to make the corset. WikiHow has additional instructions. 

3. Accessories

Wear fishnets and accentuate your look with a silver necklace and ring. You may also want to have the Dark Mark temporarily tattoed on your forearm.

4. Hair

Audfaced will teach you how to achieve that Bellatrix hair.

5. Makeup

Look like you really got out of Azkaban, again with Audfaced's help:

One last thing: Feign an English accent in a singsong voice but more than that, behave really nasty. Laugh maniacally and holler "Avada kedavra!" at everybody in your path!

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