January 27, 2011

To whom else does a blog about villainesses pay tribute first than Evil Personified Himself?

Or is it Herself?

This is the theological question you must field from watching Bedazzled, the 2000 update of the 1967 film of the same name. In this version, Elizabeth Hurley plays the Princess of Darkness out for the soul of Brendan Fraser’s love-struck geek.

Screenwriters Larry Gelbart, Harold Ramis, and Peter Tolan threw a thousand clichés into a lake of fire by casting Hurley for the role, which had last gone to her countryman Peter Cook. Onscreen, Apollyon ditches the ties and briefs for PVC suits and two-piece bikinis. It’s eye candy of Faustian proportions.

Bedazzled 2000 broke ground insofar as it paved the way for similar characters in The Passion and The Night Chronicles: Devil. At the turn of the millennium, the man-sells-his-soul premise in movies hung by the thread of Hurley’s riotous portrayal of Satan.

This movie also made another point. That aside from being gender-fair, evil has one wicked sense of humor.

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