Amanda Woodward

February 06, 2011

Heather Locklear was megabitch par excellence as Amanda Woodward in Melrose Place (1992 to 1999). Having learned from the pumas of Dynasty, Locklear edged her claws to their sharpest as the catty D&D Advertising executive. 

Woodward has bedded nearly every man, with wife or otherwise, inside the titular apartment complex and outside it. By the end of the soap, Amanda Woodward had become Mrs. Parezi Burns McBride Blake McBride Burns. In between the man-eating, Amanda backstabbed and schemed her way to the zenith of D&D, bumping weaker cats off it. 

Like Joan Collins before her, Locklear entered a TV series on a ratings stalemate. Melrose Place, as if by Alexis Carrington magic, then went on a crazy upward trajectory, even endearing her character to the gay community. Locklear also bagged four Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Actress in this role. 

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