Elle Driver

February 03, 2011

There are more than one viper in Bill's assassination squad of supermodels, each with her own lethal strain of venom. Bill's very own California Mountain Snake, otherwise known as Elle Driver, is one such serpent. 

Elle has killed many people, including those unfortunate enough to attend a certain wedding in El Paso. But it's less about how many Elle has slain than whom. This one-eyed monster from hell boasts a death list that includes a who's who of the death-dealing world, including a kung fu master who may or may not have trained her. 

Alongside a real-life black mamba, this California Mountain Snake would not mind watching the light fade from your complete set of eyes. That would be the day you wish you had Beatrix Kiddo for a friend.

Elle Driver was played by Daryl Hannah in two volumes of Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino's blockbuster revenge fantasy.

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