February 09, 2011

Glorificus is the ultimate proof of Buffy Summers' impregnability. By engaging a god, which Glorificus is, Buffy vindicated her status as the world’s strongest woman. Vampire ass-whomping suddenly became so yesterday when Glorificus came to Sunnydale. 

 Buffy: "Cullens? No-brainer."

To fight Glory, Buffy Summers needs to flex every superhuman muscle at her disposal. Glory is impervious to almost everything, the big immortal that she is. No collapsing building or rampaging truck could stop her. She can outrun any earthly creature, speak all human languages, and practice magic beyond compare. These are just the least she can do while on earth.

Glory came from hell. Banished to earth by two rival hell gods, she has since sought the Key—in the form of Buffy’s newfound “sister” Dawn—to unlock the doors home. On earth, she quickly gained a reputation for unspeakable evil, aptly earning her the title “That Which Cannot Be Named." Medieval knights and monks referred to her as "The Abomination" and "The Beast," while others called her "Glorificus" and "Glorifius." She herself prefers to go by “Glory.” 

Tapestry from the Middle Ages depicting the Beast in the Book of Revelation

In the meantime, Glory is forced to feed on human brain waves to sustain her own sanity. Time spent on earth has made her mentally unstable, although it hasn't made as much difference to her trademark conceit. She is more air-headed than she is powerful, leading Buffy to describe her as “Cordelia with super powers.”

Glory minus the super powers

While in search for the keys to her house, as it were, Glory is compelled to possess the body of a boy named Ben. Yet she still insists on looking like a woman, wearing up-to-there LRD (little red dresses) and killer heels even in combat.

"I just noticed something. You have super powers. That is so cool. Can you fly?" 
- Glory to Buffy (via DeviantArt)

Whedon made Glory the chief baddie in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5, in which she was portrayed by Clare Kramer. Fans were amazed, some hastily pronouncing her as the strongest Buffy villain ever.

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