February 10, 2011

Twihards hate Victoria. They really do. Victoria is that evil, i.e. she wants to do away with a vampire dreamboat named Edward Cullen and his wifey Bella Swan, whom they unanimously sympathize with.

This much is clear: Victoria had been a bad, bad vampire. She was even worse when Edward Cullen killed her mate James in order to protect Bella. Grudge in heart, she has since instigated a massive reprisal against the Cullen coven, entailing the creation of an army of “newborn” vampires in Washington (where the action is in Stephenie Meyer’s universe).

Victoria is no creature to mess with. If anything, James coupled with her for her unique power of “self-preservation,” which comes really handy. This means Victoria has the ability to be literally steps ahead of anyone. In the bestselling books, Meyer wrote how Victoria’s "feet were dragged to safe spots and places."

Time for a new hair dye

Bryce Dallas Howard played Victoria in Eclipse, the third Twilight movie, after Rachelle Lefevre was booted out of the cast. Lefevre played Victoria in the first two Twilight films. To immerse in her role, Rachelle searched for clips of lions on YouTube. She could have just watched old videos of Sheila Carter

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