September 11, 2011

Credit: Jimmy Tyler

Hindu mysticism was very much in vogue in the 1990s, with numerous A-list stars jumping on the soonest plane to India. Marvel Comics jumped on the bandwagon by introducing a villainous woman to the X-Factor comics: Haven.

Haven aka Radha Dastoor is actually not a mutant but eternally pregnant with one. Through her unborn baby's powers, she is able to create dimensional pockets in the universe where she is virtually a Hindu goddess. True to form, she can be quite the healer.

One of the few Indian characters in the Marvel universe, the Bombay-born Dastoor is publicly the author of a best-selling book about the evolution of humans and mutants into one race, the New Humanity. Unbeknownst to her readers, she intends to fast-track it through Mahapralaya or the Great Destruction of the World. 

In her mind, Haven is no outstandingly evil villain. She believes she is the savior of the world, even if her means mainly consist of satellites causing simultaneous earthquakes around the world.

Haven first appeared in X-Factor #96 in November 1993.

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