Maria Paula Rivas Iturbe

October 06, 2011

Maria Paula is one-third of the triplets that take center stage in the Mexican telenovela Lazos de Amor,which was shown around the world in the late 1990s. 

She is easily the bad seed of the trio (played convincingly all at once by actress-singer Lucero). Unlike her triplet sisters Maria Fernanda and Maria Guadalupe, Maria Paula is a woman of the world...with a few skeletons in the closet. Her devilish behavior stretches back to childhood, when she inadvertently caused the car crash that killed their parents and blinded Maria Fernanda for life. The crash also separated the two sisters from Maria Guadalupe, the search for whom anchors most of the telenovela.   

Whatever Maria Paula exuded in villainy and craziness, she more than makes up for in appearances. She is a perpetually eye-catching presence in the soap, in no small part thanks to that severe ponytail hair extension and trademark tracing-pinkie-finger-across-eyebrow mannerism. 

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