Leena Klammer

November 29, 2011

Leena Klammer, 33, has hypopituitarism, a congenital defect that makes her proportionally dwarf. Her incredible talent in painting and music is taller than she is short however. 

You might think Leena triumphed over adversity by nurturing such talents. Yet her condition has made her unable to attract men her age, leaving her grandly off her rockers. She was later admitted to the Saarne Institute in her native Estonia. She escaped and, exploiting her situation, committed to a life of passing herself off as a little girl. With the right makeup and Bo Peep clothes, she faked her identity as young Esther from Russia. 

Eventually she was able to fool a family in the US into adopting her. When the father spurned her seduction, Leena killed the entire kin and burned their house. Her reign of terror broke ground in America. 

Leena is extremely proficient in manipulating the paintbrush as much as people. Like the blacklight paint that she is so skilled in using, Leena is the kind of person that should be seen in a different light—or else.

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