Rita Repulsa

November 25, 2011

Fox Kids got it right in the 90s. First, there was the highly popular X-Men animated series. A little later, they filled every child's morning with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Americanized version of Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.

Rita Repulsa is both versions' first baddie, the regent of an empire controlled by her later love interest Lord Zedd. Known in the original Japanese series as Bandora, Rita Repulsa had been locked in an extraterrestrial dumpster for many millennia alongside her groveling henchmen, only to be freed by unwitting astronauts.

Repulsa tried to conquer Earth throughout the season by way of powerful sorcery but met opposition each time from the Power Rangers. Their constant meddling was a constant source of literal headache for this space witch.

In 2006's Power Rangers: Mystic Force, Rita was revealed to have turned to the good side. She had become the Mystic Mother, who trafficked in benevolent magic.

Japanese thespian Machiko Soga played Rita in the original series and part of the American version. She also played Mystic Mother in the 2006 series.

Rita Repulsa reformed as Mystic Mother

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