Marissa Wiegler

September 12, 2012

Cate Blanchett is certainly no Galadriel here.

She is the wicked stepmother, as it were, to Saoirse Ronan's cast-iron princess in Joe Wright's fairytale-ish, Bourne-sque spy thriller Hanna. As CIA operative Marissa Wiegler, Blanchett  parlays the dedication of a storybook evil queen into hunting down the fairest-of-them-all title character and her spy-father (played with kingly resolve by Eric Bana) through thick and thicket for decades.

Wiegler may not have poisoned apples or occult knowledge but she does have an arsenal of guns and silencers at her command. Those and her incapacity to love make Wiegler a wicked, wicked witch in this mundane world.

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