Madam Mim

October 17, 2012

She's magnificent and marvelous.

Merlin's nemesis in Disney's 1963 classic The Sword in the Stone, Mad Madam Mim, wields awesome magic. Too bad she is just that—mad. Her sanity just can't keep up with her abilities.

Madame Mim straddles a fine line between adorable and scary. Viewers can't help but feel for Arthur when he flits off to Mim's sunshine-free cottage in the woods. 

Had she had the elegant sobriety of Maleficent, Mim would have been livin' la vida maldita in a castle on some forbidden mountain range. Alas, Mim can give Maleficent a run for her Medieval money. Mim can turn into any purple-haired form she pleases:

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