9 Witches Who Make a Good Supreme

December 30, 2013

"Being the Supreme isn't something to wish for. It's not a gift. It's a burden."

Ah, the Supremacy, all that power, all those gifts—dressed up in Chanel. Fiona Goode has clung to it with every fiber of her being, while shirking the dizzying weight of responsibility. However, judging from previews to the mid-season premiere of American Horror Story: Coven on Jan. 8, Fiona will pull a 360 and be a leader for once. 

Still, the inevitable stands: Fiona will have to be replaced. Misty, Madison, Zoe and Nan aside, our imaginations tingle at the possibilities. Here are nine other modern witches who could ascend to the throne:

9. Sarah Bailey, The Craft 

Fourth Element. Via Polari Magazine

Sarah rather reminds us of Zoe, a newcomer brimming with so much potential. Plus, she can hide inside mirrors. Very junior Supreme.

8. Elspeth, Four Rooms

Queen of Pop Magic

If that woman looks familiar, that's because she's Madonna. In 1995, the music doyenne ring-led a coven of witches in Allison Anders' Four Rooms. Fiona would probably approve.

7. Endora, Bewitched

via Kieran

She has played monster mother-in-law with such finesse that it's not taxing to imagine her in Fiona's shoes. Endora's dislike for Darrin easily echoes Fiona's disapproval of Hank. We wager this is a unifying mark of all Supremes. 

6. Grand High Witch, The Witches

Anjelica Huston is president of all the world's witches. Who needs a 'Supreme' title? Via THR 

With stares more lethal than daggers, Roald Dahl's Grand High Witch gets all bets for Most Likely Supreme. But she's already Grand High Witch, so there's that. 

5. Sabrina Spellman, Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Queenie lives for this "white girl shit."

There's nothing Sabrina, "the teenage cracker" as Queenie eloquently put it, can't zap. We're pretty sure she can master those seven wonders with flying colors and sparks. 

4. Narcissa Malfoy, Harry Potter

Disrespectin' me. Via TV Cinema E Musica

Narcissa not only has the powers but also the pedigree necessary to match a Fiona level of boss-ness. Her extreme pride in her pure-blood stock also makes her a viable counterpart to Marie Laveau. 

3. Lena Duchannes, Beautiful Creatures

Southern belle...with powers. Via TFGeekGirl 

Witchcraft is too big for New Orleans. In nearby Gatlin, South Carolina, Lena Duchannes is coming into her inheritance: awesome talents that could shame occupants at Miss Robichaux's academy.

2. Willow Rosenberg, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Power of resurgence apocalypse. Via Remote Generation

Willow is the one witch on this list who could end the world. Now that's a Supreme-in-waiting. 

1. Piper Halliwell, Charmed

Supreme Master Molecule Manipulator. Via Zack

Power of resurgence? Pyrokinesis? Telekinesis? Clairvoyance? Piper Halliwell has the power to freeze time, goddamit.  

Bonus: Anna Wintour

The supreme Anna Wintour. Via Popsugar

It doesn't take an eagle eye to catch the Anna Wintour-Grace Coddington dynamic between Fiona and Myrtle. You see, the Supreme doesn't really wear Chanel. She wears Prada.

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  2. My gif of Endora made it up there :'')

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