Chris Hargensen

January 19, 2014

Now this is one bully who has blood in her hands. Literally.

By now you must have seen the Carrie redux starring Chloë Grace Moretz as the world's most famous telekinetic misfit. The remake is faithful to the original movie and thereby passes on opportunities to right the first's departures from the Stephen King novel. As expected, Carrie 2013 adds some eye-catching millennial touches to the source screenplay, what with smartphones, YouTube, and all. It has better effects than Carrie 1976 too, but that's a given.

Minutes into the remake, you'd be forgiven to mistake actor Gabriella Wilde for the evil Christine Hargensen. (It's Portia Doubleday.) For once, the mean girl isn't blonde. 

Chris Hargensen is still Chris Hargensen, and it would please you to know that her comeuppance in the remake is truly a scene made in hell. 

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