Sister Mary Eunice McKee

January 29, 2014

My biggest disappointment about American Horror Story: Asylum is that deliciously diabolic Sister Mary Eunice never got to do battle with the little green men, let alone the Angel of Death. Picture the hellfire and laser beams at Briarcliff! 

Asylum not only wasted an opportunity for good TV. It did not bother to tie loose ends. Fans to this day are left theorizing if the demons and extraterrestrials were just products of cognition gone haywire or the real deal. Then again, if any American Horror Story season should confound viewers, let it be the one about a loony bin. 

At least one thing made sense. Sister Mary Eunice proves that demons cannot be bothered with religious rituals as The Exorcist author and Catholic hardliner William Peter Blatty would have us believe.

Also, Lily Rabe gave us an awesome moment to rival Jessica Lange's "The Name Game" number.

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