How Maleficent Would Really Look Like

March 11, 2014

Maleficent as she would have looked like in the 15th century. Photo via shoomlah.

While everyone else is hyperventilating over the latest Maleficent poster, let's call attention to the latest entry in Claire Hummel's exposition of historically accurate Disney costumes. The Deviant artist made waves after revising the Disney Princesses' attires to more accurately reflect their contemporaries. Now Claire has set her sights on the villainesses, and the first to get her magnificent treatment is the Mistress of all Evil herself!

As Claire explained: 
I made the mental leap between Maleficent's horns and 15th century horned hennins. The time period works out pretty well, actually, since I wanted her to look a little more dated than Aurora's 1480's getup—both houppelandes and horned hennins were all the rage during the early- to mid-1400's, and they make for pretty good analogues to her official costuming.

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