What if Disney Villainesses Won?

March 20, 2014

Somewhere in a parallel universe, villainesses have the last laugh. DeviantArtist Justin Turrentine has illustrated the alternate endings that Disney would never prepare to consider: heroes, not the meanies, getting their just deserts.

So much for true love! Why waste time on tripe when you can just have a hearty supper?

Spot-on! The de Vil wears Prada with her dalmatian fur coat. 

Grimhilde is a true heartbreaker. 

Prince getting a threesome, eh? Definitely no Disney denouement. 

Maleficent has a heart of stone, through and through. Diablo, her raven, turned the tables for real. 

Maybe the real alternate ending is that you are smiling with these villains. At the rate Disney princesses have been misguiding girls, you probably can't help but gloat too.

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