Lest We Forget, Selene Is Really, Really Old—Older Than Apocalypse

May 23, 2014

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' spoilers ahead

Those who held out for an after-credits scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past were not disappointed. There he was, En Sabah Nur in all his ancient-alien glory, setting the scene for the Darwinian doomsday of the sequel, due 2016.

At this point, Bryan Singer et al. may feel very tempted to perpetuate the lore that Apocalypse is the world's first mutant. No. He. Is. Not. Lest we forget, this woman is older than ancient Egypt:

Impregnable and godlike, Selene should be on the table of black hats for future installments of the X-Men franchise. An alliance between the one-time Black Queen and Apocalypse would certainly blow us away. Selene best exemplifies Apocalypse's ideal of the fittest mutant, a true survivor who has not only witnessed the evolution of her species but also personally saw it through its ascension to godhood. Apocalypse would probably prostrate himself. 

Can you imagine, Apocalypse and Selene meeting and teaming up? Make it happen, Marvel!

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  1. Considering that they showed the pyramids being built by mutant power, the after-credits scene should have been with Selene.

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