How to Dress as Fiona Goode

October 29, 2015

Horror television has reached the apotheosis of camp and glamour in the form of Fiona Borgia Vandenheuvel Goode, the sorcer-ific, Emmy-winning character played by Jessica Lange in the third season of "American Horror Story." Fiona Goode was a phenomenon from the get-go, and for a moment we imagined she (and Myrtle Snow) cast a spell on the fashion industry. It was only a matter of time before it all hit home for Jessica, who when passing by some starstruck fanboys one day, heard them say: "Holy shitballs. The Supreme!" Now there's an entire Tumblr page dedicated to Fiona, and even a toy

While the loopholes in this season are big enough to drive 13 broomsticks into, the cutting dialogue and cutting-edge fashion more than atoned for them. Viewers will be bewitched, visually. As ringleader of the coven, Fiona Goode wielded “all that power" and "dressed it up in Chanel.”

Part Anna Wintour, Part Hillary Clinton...Fiona Goode is truly in charge everywhere. So don't just be any witch this Halloween. Be the baddest witch in town.


Halloween may not be falling on Wednesday, but to be as badass as Ms. Goode, you need to wear sable, all over. Jessica was a clotheshorse in character, dressing up in the fiercest ebony pieces by everyone from Ralph Lauren to YSL.

In one pivotal scene, Fiona practically made New Orleans her bitch: leading the coven in one straight line through the streets, "Madeline"-style. For this scene, "AHS: Coven" costume designer Lou Eyrich dressed Lange in a black Gucci peplum number that's sure to stop traffic anywhere.

It's easy to parrot this look, since peplum tops are all the rage. If you don't have one already hanging in your closet, you can quickly find one here. Pair this with a pencil skirt, and you're good to go on your witches' sabbat.


A black peplum dress doth not a Fiona Goode make. To faithfully achieve her look, finish the costume with the darkest of leather gloves. Wear the blackest of sunnies, too. Carry a black umbrella; leave the hats to lesser witches.

Down there, Cordelia Foxx's prodigal mother sure likes some pricey black platform pumps, reportedly by Lanvin. We're sure you have an existing pair lying around though, along with black sheer tights.

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Hair and makeup 

Youth has always been Fiona's one obsession. Here's a vlog to get Fiona's youthfully bewitching look.

Fiona's hairstyle is a great one to sport on and beyond Halloween. If you're out of time and budget for a mystical color change and cut, snatch some wigs here.

It's all in the attitude

Remember you're hard, you're stoic: you don't care what people think. It's no good being Fiona Goode for the night if you're just going to carry on being your mousy self. Self-confidence — no, that's not superpower or witchcraft. Try it sometime, starting this Halloween, and see it work its magic.

For inspiration, here's cosplayer Nerdbutpro and drag performer Morgan McMichaels channeling the Supreme.

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