How to Dress as Dr. Poison

October 17, 2017

What are the odds you'll bump into a heavenly host of Wonder Woman wannabes this Halloween?

High. Like, Olympus high.

If you're anathema to joining the Dianic hordes but still want to pay a sly homage to the year's feminist triumph, dress up like the movie's scene-stealing Phantom of the Lab: the one, the only Isabel Maru, a.k.a. Dr. Poison. (No relation to the excellent Poison Ivy, who by the way ranks up there with DC's G.O.A.T. Halloween aesthetics. Ask Kim Kardashian.)

Here's how:

The Mask

You might remember Elena Anaya, who plays Dr. Poison, as one of those bombshell vampires in 2004's Van Helsing.

Image result for elena anaya van helsing

Get into Dr. Poison's mindset and cover up that great beauty of yours to really do justice (league) to this look. Her veneer is like a reverse Venetian half-face mask; covering the bottom half of her mug, not unlike the Angel of Music.

A great DIY Dr. Poison mask is the one you already have:

Don't forget that one time-honoured way of making masks, after all,  is just doing good ol' paper mache. Here's how you can create the mask using homemade paste:

Dr. Poison might not be caught dead in it, but never underestimate the power of a great beating:


The great thing about donning a Dr. Poison costume is that you don't get to stash it away in the back of your closet until next year. Utilitarian chic is quite on trend on the runways now.

So match your painstakingly made mask with a black boiler suit. If you can't borrow some authentic protective uniform, opt for fancier coverall jumpsuits tailored to your curves. Here's one you can rock on and off the Halloween circuit.

Head cover

We never really get to see Dr. Poison's mane throughout the movie. It's either tied back and crowned with a fedora or a head wrap. You can easily substitute the latter with a chemo cap or skull cap.

Or you can simply cut off the hood from your sweater and embellish it with shoe laces. If you're loathe to do that, just get some thrifted or castoff fabric and cut out the traced profile of your hood. Take it from her again:


Remind yourself that you're a highly paid mad scientist manufacturing Nazi biowarfare weapons in a hangar to overcompensate or fish for affection from an evil, evil man...with a pair of aviator goggles. What's up, steampunk.

And you're set for the night. Get Diana shook as you show off some deadly chemistry with your ensemble.

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