How to Dress Like President Alma Coin from The Hunger Games

July 11, 2021

A scene from the Lionsgate movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2

Panem was not based on North America for nothing, with pop stars like Katy Perry coming in full Hunger Games regalia to the presidential inauguration in 2021. 

The fashion of The Hunger Games has really moved from fiction to life since the end of the tetralogy in 2015. From celebrities to models and the die-hard fandom itself, many have volunteered themselves as Tributes to cosplaying the characters. 

Politicians could soon be styling themselves after President Alma Coin, whose costumes in the movie left no crumbs for mockingjays. 


President Coin is a true figure of authority in her costumes. Her severe, buttoned-up look is meant to be a point of contrast against Miss Everdeen's outfit, said costumer Bart Mueller. "Katniss is never exactly buttoned up. Her collar is open, or her sleeves are rolled up. She’s always a bit against the norm ... To see them in the same clothes actually accentuates their differences."

Alma's show-stopping finale look is a futuristic take on the capelet. Up for a sewing challenge? You might want to check this out.   


Getting gray hair like Madame President Coin can be a somewhat painful, itchy task. If you haven't had your tresses bleached before, the entire process could take up to eight hours. “You have to strip the hair of all its colour and then tone it," said celebrity hairdresser Danny Moon. "You have to make the person a platinum and then once they’re that light, you put the temporary colour—like a toner or glow—over it and it rinses out over four to five weeks.”

If you're not ready for all that, might as well go for a silver wig with a bob cut and middle part


The Hunger Games movies have a range of makeup products officially licensed by Lionsgate. These include liquid lipsticks and glitter liners with names like Girl on Fire, Cinna and, perhaps Ms. Coin's favorite, Primrose. They even have faux mink lashes inspired by Octavia and Flavius

It might comfort you to know that everything in the makeup collection is cruelty-free, unlike Alma. Nothing left to say at this point except: May your (makeup brush) aim be as true as your heart is pure.

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