How to Dress Like Agatha Harkness from Wandavision

September 04, 2021

We get it, we get it. You've been bamboozled by Agnes, and now you want to be another magical girl in town.  

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe got off to a bewitchingly good start with Wandavision and its totally unexpected big bad: Agatha Harkness. 

This is not the Agatha you know from the Marvel comic books: She's no doting nanny to Franklin Richards or selfless mentor to Wanda Maximoff here. It's true that Fantastic Four and Hellcat supervillain Nicholas Scratch takes a bit after Agatha in the comics—she's his mom, which explains her fondness for Señor Scratchy perhaps—but the Disney+ version of her is just outright vile. (To be fair to Agatha, Wanda does share some co-villainess duties with her.)

Don't just be any wicked witch this Halloween. Be the insidious, perfidious Agatha Harkness!

Played by Kathryn Hahn, Agatha on Wandavision has strayed so far from her comic-book origin story. But Kathryn still manages to slip into the boxy, grandmotherly clothing for which Agatha is known in the comics, albeit with a more youthful spin to it. 

Here's a little trivia for those who want to conjure an Agatha Harkness costume DIY: This year actually marks 60 years since the character's first appearance in the comics. In a *wink, wink* at the original Agatha, Kathryn is covered from the neck down in a heavily pleated cloak that ever so slightly wraps around her while an equally pleated purple shawl drapes over the dress. She also wears a bib with coarse blue fabric and a high neck reminiscent of a clergy collar, giving her the look of a high priestess.

She might have ambled through the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and the Aughts in different outfits, but one fashion detail makes a rerun with Agnes-slash-Agatha each time: the brooch. It was also a mainstay of Agatha's costuming during her early appearances in the comics. 

Now you might wonder, what's on Agatha Harkness' brooch? 

Agatha 2021 wears a brooch with a cameo of the Three Graces, Greek mythological figures. As Agnes, she sometimes wears the item as a necklace, depending on the decade. 

Although it looks really flowy and airy on TV, this costume can get hot really quick. On set, Kathryn had tubes of ice-cold water running in a suit underneath her costume. If doing the costume yourself sounds like a Faustian deal, take note that it doesn't take the Darkhold to hex an Agatha Harkness robe into existence.

Agatha Harkness makeup

Agatha Harkness powering up in Fantastic Four #94 in 1961 and, 60 years later, in Wandavision

Don't be fooled by Agnes' literal glamour; it's been Agatha all along.

For her grand reveal during the season finale, everyone's nosy neighbor went for a witchy eye palette of purples and dark blues. She also laid it on thick on the eyebrows and put on some serious cheek contouring.

Allow these beauty sorcerers supreme to spellbind your face.

Notice how witch Agatha looks like she's wearing gloves? The tips of her fingers are just painted black


This version of Agatha shed the graying hair of her matronly comic-book incarnation for a wavy black wig

As Kathryn tells Allure, Wandavision was the first time she felt comfortable around wigs. "It felt like they were a part of my personhood." 

Who's been pulling every evil string?

The comic-book Agatha has a cat, Ebony, as her familiar. That could explain her aversion and heartlessness to Sparky on Wandavision. 

To stand out in a coven of Agatha Harknesses at your party, you might want to bring a plush Jack Russell terrier toy (or a Señor Scratchy lookalike) with you. Cackle above the competition or wink—the Thanos snap has nothing on an Agatha wink.

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