How to Dress Like Jobu Tupaki from Everything Everywhere All at Once

October 03, 2022

Image via plotchickens

To see dozens of Jobu Tupakis, you need not jump around the multiverse. Just go to your local Halloween party this year. 

It's the "Everything Everywhere All at Once" effect. The movie has really secured its legacy by becoming the highest-grossing movie for A24, the company behind "Moonlight" and "Hereditary." 

But for a movie predicated on so much world-building through fashion, the Michelle Yeoh starrer surprisingly spent less than you think on costumes. As the movie's rock-star costume designer Shirley Kurata told Soho House, the budget for the movie was "probably the cost of one Marvel costume."

The multiplicity of the multiverse really comes alive in the person of Jobu Tupaki, played by Stephanie Hsu who felt at home in the Gotham-like fashion sensibilities of the villainess. Hsu flits from alter ego to alter ego in wardrobe changes that include a white Elvis-like jumpsuit; a teddy-bear-sleeved Jeremy Scott jacket; a full-body tartan outfit; a luchador costume; a pink golfer number; a Harajuku-inspired goth anime ensemble; and more attires, some left in the cutting room. 

But Kurata's favorite? The all-white apotheotic look in the bagel universe: Goddess Jobu.

Here's how you can verse-jump to this look: 

Jobu Tupaki dress
Image via plotchickens
Kurata is especially proud of this "surreal futuristic look." Goddess Jobu's skirt was courtesy of designer Claudia Li but everything else was Kurata's handiwork. 

For this look, you need to find an Elizabethan collar to pair with a long white gown. 

Jobu Tupaki hair

Image via plotchickens

This look is not complete without its signature hairpiece: a bagel-shaped bun. Hairstylist Anissa Salazar actually used glue to secure the braids that go around the bun and across Hsu's head. 

Jobu Tupaki makeup

Head makeup artist Michelle Chung is just as much to thank for the film's multiversal appeal. Chung's mood boards were mined from K-beauty looks and what-not.

Picasso even inspired one of her most standout works: a makeup creation that looked as if Hsu's eye was open, the other closed. "For everything to be on her face at once—the culmination of all of her characters,” Chung told Vogue.

In Stephanie's words:

So there. Be Jobu Tupaki for a day and live your best you.

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