How to Dress Like Natacha from Nightbooks

October 17, 2022

Krysten Ritter trades superhero Jessica Jones for supervillain Natacha in Netflix's Nightbooks

Krysten Ritter's costumes in Netflix's 2021 Halloween smash "Nightbooks" were, no pun intended, eye candy. In this modern stab at a well-known fairytale, most of the costume changes are the "Jessica Jones" alum's sweet burden to bear. Her character Natacha is, in her words, a "goth Barbie" who switches up her outfits almost as often as the hero Alex tells scary stories. 

Let's see how you can steal children her look: 

Natacha costume

Image via List23

If a witch has gone punk rock, that's Natacha for you.

This sorceress knows which outfits are the most spellbinding, and viewers would agree that her pearl cage neckpiece is one of the most bewitching yet. She paired this with pink platform boots that would shame the Spice Girls.

For this outfit, simply pair a black long-sleeve dress with this pearl body chain bra

You might not know this but costume designer Autumn Steed made sure all of Krysten's outfits were functional: She could breastfeed her newborn through them!

Natacha hair and makeup

Natacha wears her hair icy blue. Here's how you can dye your hair this shade using the watercolor method: 

If you're not looking for a permanent color, it's best to try on an ice blue wig

Krysten's wide, expressive eyes already did half the job. All head makeup artist Leslie Sebert had to do was use a lot of black liner and draw wings that went out the side. She added her little twist to a 1960s makeup technique, underlining with a tail at the end and then putting glitter in between. Instead of using false under-eye lashes, she just drew extra lines and applied gold, silver or purple highlights within. 

For glitters, she swears by Urban Decay products like Starfire and Studio and, for the eye shadow, something from Christian Dior.

Walking around as Natacha on Halloween? Now that's a story you'll tell happily ever after. 

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