How to Dress Like Lady Tremaine

September 30, 2023

Lady Tremaine's power isn't so much supernatural as a normal, everyday, human condition. She may not be able to turn herself into a dragon, crone, or leviathan, but, girl, is she wicked in herself. 

Her power lies in her passive aggression and psychological cruelty, which she uses to secure wealthy sons-in-law for her daughters. 

So imagine the consequences if she does get super powers. Let's just say everybody would be tripping themselves. (She ultimately got them in 2007's Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.)

Whether it's the original 1950 movie or the 2015 live-action remake, Disney's Cinderella has everyone rooting for the titular underdog and all her mouse friends because Lady Tremaine, simply put, is a rat.

Then there's the mending and the sewing. Let's get to the costume guide. 

How to make a Lady Tremaine costume

Madame Tremaine cuts a matronly figure in a mid-to-late 19th-century dress with a full skirt, probably with a crinoline or bustle. If you have a floor-length maroon dress with puffy sleeves, all you have to do is buy or make this cage-like undergarment. 

Et voilà! You've just volumized your skirt like it's 1800s France. 

If your dress comes up short on the forearms, you can wear maroon opera gloves to give the semblance of long sleeves. 

The top would not be complete without the high-neck lace collar and the lace cuffs. But it would probably look like just any other period dress if you don't wear Lady Tremaine's accessory of choice: the oval brooch. Hers comes in mint or turquoise, and the same goes for her ring. 
For the finishing touch, get ready to trip the light fantastic with a cane

Don't have a Fairy Godmother to make you Lady Tremaine until midnight? Well, we see no reason why you can’t go — if you get all your work done. 

And if you can find something suitable to wear.

How to do Lady Tremaine's hair and makeup

Celebrity MUA Anthony Nguyen will teach you how to nail that selfish stepmom look here. 

Another good one, if only for the Luciferian drama.  

These purple eyeshadow palettes; they give it just the right touch. Don't you think so, Drizella?

Now here you can get some ideas for getting that Tremaine mane right. 

Don't have the time after redoing all the tapestries and draperies? Take out the wig caps and get ready to wear this heart-shaped bouffant wig

Shut the doors

Girls, girls. That's quite enough. Hurry along, now. I won't have you upsetting yourselves. 

Good night.

For the live-action version with Cate Blanchett, run in your glass slippers here

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