How to Dress Like Park Yeon Jin (박연진) from The Glory

September 26, 2023

Lim Ji Yeon on the Netflix K-series The Glory

There were lots of villains in 2023, but few could claim having made us shake our screens in anger. 

Park Yeon Jin from The Glory, the smash Netflix show filmed and set in South Korea, is truly one of the most enraging characters to have come out of K-drama. 

But count on your fellow viewers' ability to compartmentalize their feelings. As maddening as The Glory's antagonist is, viewers can't help but crush on her fashion sense. She literally had clothes flying off shelves whenever she would appear on screen. 

That's because of her outfits' relatability and — surprise, surprise! — how affordable they really are.

How to make a Park Yeon Jin costume

A Park Yeon Jin dress, affordable? To that, we say a big "예"

Just because Lim Ji-Yeon is parading on TV with designer handbags doesn't mean the rest of her outfits are just as expensive. 

Remember the ombre green dress she wore in one particularly bloody episode? That one retailed for a mere ₩61,000 Korean ($47.47), according to 

Or how about the yellow tassel point tweed jacket on Episode 7? It's listed at a discounted price of $140, Insider reported, and that's after several sellouts. 

Park Yeon Jin is, by profession, a weather newscaster, and a murderous one at that. To make sure fellow costume partygoers don't confuse you with other K-drama villainesses, you might want to accessorize with a microphone and an umbrella. Some fake pearls will also give them the right idea

Don't forget the damn nameplate. Dong-eun would approve. 

How to do Park Yeon Jin's makeup

Thai MUA Soundtiss ST has shot this handy makeup guide to becoming Park Yeon Jin for a day. 

Lest we forget, Park Yeon Jin is a weather reporter, so girl has to have makeup for all kinds of weather (or the dampness of her crocodile tears at least). 

Park Yeon Jin goes through so many costume changes as expected of a fictional fashionista. It's not as many as her faces, although she deceptively looks like your everyday, harmless, beautiful Korean, which makes her a terrifying iljin, indeed.  

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