How to Dress Like Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct

October 09, 2023

It's amazing how one dress can make or break careers. In the case of Sharon Stone, it only solidified her icon status. 

Appearing on 1992's Basic Instinct as she did, all dressed in ironic white, Sharon's Catherine Tramell character played a dirty game in more ways than one. 

How to recreate Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct costume

The story behind the iconic Catherine Tramell look is less glamorous than you'd think. Writing for InStyle on the 30th anniversary of the film, Sharon confessed that she was paid far, far less than co-star Michael Douglas. 

But at least Sharon was able to keep the outfits — she had asked for them in her contract. That white turtleneck, complemented by a short white coat, up-to-there white pencil skirt, and white slingbacks with stiletto heels, is really a keeper.

The entire thing does make for a very easy costume. Sharon herself said she gets a kick out of seeing anyone channel Catherine Tramell on Halloween, so you better make mother proud with the right accessories

How to do Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct hair and makeup

Sharon simply tied her hair back for her legendary leg-crossing scene. Here are some makeup tutorials for you aspiring Catherine Tramells out there.

Did she or didn't she? 

Costume tip: Sharon has gone on record that she did go full commando for her famous Basic Instinct scene. (Director Paul Verhoeven apparently made her do it.)

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