How to Dress Like Sue Ann 'Ma' Ellington

October 14, 2023

It's hard to believe it, but Oscar-winning actor Octavia Spencer did not have her first lead role until 2019's Ma. While the movie, also directed by The Help's Tate Taylor, was no critical darling, it wasn't a waste of her phenomenal talents altogether. 

The overwhelming consensus was that Octavia gave a solid performance as Sue Ann Ellington, a role that would have gone to a white actor. 

Sue Ann is a twisted version of the Cool Mom, a larger-than-life parental figure with a hidden, murderous agenda. Here's how you can look like the meme-tastic, vengeful villainess for Halloween.

How to get Octavia Spencer's Ma look 

Octavia's Ma costume is easy enough to pull off. A veterinary technician, Sue Ann is seen in floral scrubs that she covers with a purple knit cardigan. She pairs them with a pair of pink pants. 

In one famous scene, Sue Ann is the life of the party with her newsboy cap and matchy-matchy maroon pants and blouse, with huge bangles thrown in for good measure. 

But the topper of Ma's ensemble? It's her signature black bob, which you can copy with a wig

The cool kid 

Spoiler alert: Ma is what happens when bullying intersects with racial prejudice. Sue Ann's actions will never be justifiable, but it's a villain origin story that demands to be seen. 

And hey, it's never too late to be cool, kids. Ha, ha!


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