How to Dress as Maleficent

October 18, 2011

For the Angelina Jolie version, go here

Wanting to be the Mistress of all Evil on Halloween is understandable. Maleficent is in and of itself pure nefariousness. She would frost flowers in Stefan's kingdom and doom his daughter just for the heck of it. No, she didn't really want that party invite, thank you very much. She merely used it as an excuse to exercise her ill will.

In Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent taught the world how to gatecrash a party, Halloween or otherwise, in style. Going as her may be one of the best Halloween costume ideas ever, if you just know how: 

1. Costume

For a bit hefty price, you can have a Maleficent costume custom-made for you by cosplay designers. If you're on a smaller budget and in a hurry, you may avail of Maleficent costumes online at slashed prices, complete with headpieces already.

Alternatively, there's the DIY route if you have enough time, creativity and energy to spare. Simply use a graduation toga and cut irregularly along the sleeves to copy Maleficent's flaming robes.

2. Headdress

This powerful enchantress parades around menacingly with her horny (no pun intended) headpiece. Or they really could be horns. Whatever the case, your DIY Maleficent costume is for naught if you don't have her crowning glory. Just use a skull cap!

Even aluminum foil!

3. Makeup

Mac had the foresight to tap into a market who have grown up with Disney baddies. The makeup maker offers a range of products called Venomous Villains.

Whether you choose to use Mac or not, Maleficent's look is easier to steal than her perpetually dark funk:

4. Staff and Raven 

Maleficent carried out evil deeds with the help of her indispensable pet raven Diablo, often found perched on her magic staff (which doubles as a seeing crystal). So complete the Maleficent look by carrying a stuffed raven toy and staff, i.e. a glorified shower rod.

Getting into character: Arrive comfortably late for the Halloween party. Then say this showstopping line: "Quite a glittering assemblage, (insert name of host here). Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and—how quaint—even the rabble (as you point to your closest friends)." Then let out your most evil laugh and greet everyone, "Happy Halloween!"

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