How to Dress Like Maleficent, the Angelina Jolie Version

June 03, 2014

So you figured you're fairy enough to wear Angelina Jolie's costume from Maleficent. The question is, which costume? 

Angelina Jolie went through no less than nine costume changes to portray Disney's most famous gatecrasher. While the original Maleficent got by with her literally flaming robes, the Angelina-Jolie Maleficent pulled out all the stops in dressing up, slipping into everything from faux-fur-lined suede capes to pants. In all these, one thing—or two—remains consistent: the horns.

Horny all night long

In Sleeping Beauty, viewers couldn't wrap their heads (no pun intended) around Maleficent's horns. Were they really part of her head? Or were they really just kickass hennins typical of Medieval folk? In Maleficent, you are as certain of the horns' anatomical profile as you are confounded by the owner's rectitude.

In any case, Jolie wore a total of six Maleficent headpieces. Horn-ily enough, milliner Justin Smith built them with the help of leather fetish artisans. He also wrapped the horns with exotic materials like python skin. (Very un-PETA, you might say.) 

Jolie did not take to the horns easily at first—a pair led to an on-set accident—so the costume team eventually created magnetic, detachable versions with just the right weight. To make sure the horns stay in place, Angie had to wear her hair in buns and braids, the latter serving as some kind of support. (You may opt for a wig cap.)

Here are some ready-to-wear Maleficent headdresses on the market:
DIY Maleficent headpieces are always, always plausible though. In fact, many enterprising spirits have discovered a cheaper way around Her Excellency's crowning glory by using aluminum foil. There She Sews is probably the first to discover the moviemaking utility of everyone's favorite food wrapper. Her and:

These horns are also made from foil but updated to Angelina Jolie's version:

This one costs just 3 dollars!

This headpiece is as close to the movie as can be, but requires team effort: 

This one uses play dough:

Another one from clay. Enjoy the music:

You can also make use of card stock and dixie cups.

A glittering assemblage 

If you must pick one ensemble from Maleficent, it has to be the glittering assemblage of an outfit that Angelina wore at Aurora's christening. For this scene, costume designer Anna Sheppard used a textile evocative of Issey Miyake fabrics, with pleats that catch light. As with the animated Maleficent, this sculptural masterpiece has enormous batwing sleeves, to emphasize the character's monstrosity, minus the purple accents.

This RTW Maleficent costume somehow replicates the look of such luxurious fabric, although it's shorter at the hemline. Remember, this is supposed to be the rear view:

Her Excellency's amazing train

This tutorial from Pins and Things offers a very good guide to pulling off that collar:

If you can't sew a basic Halloween robe to go with the collar, or if you want one with batwing sleeves, never underestimate the power of a graduation toga.


This Maleficent goes around without her signature purple eyeshadow. For some reason, Angelina felt it would detract from her performance more than sanguine lipstick and prosthetic cheekbones. For the latter, SFX makeup artist Rick Baker derived inspiration from Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video. 

"If you look closely, they actually follow the line of Maleficent’s cowl in the Disney cartoon,” Baker explained.

In lieu of prostheses, here's your most opportune time to shape your cheekbones to spindle-like sharpness with cosmetics. There are many products you can use to contour your cheekbones, but start with the official Maleficent makeup line from MAC. It's a complete cosmetic arsenal, including:
Combined, these products lead to a showstopping countenance:

Alternatively, you can make do with the cosmetics in your drawer, with Kandee Johnson's help:

Men! This is no awkward situation. You're definitely invited to the dress-up:

Here are tips for cheekbone contouring a la Maleficent from Angelina's personal makeup artist herself, Toni G. 

Are your cheekbones too shy to come out? You can always add prosthetic ones on the cheap like AllSeeBee.


While the animated Maleficent had inimitably jaundiced eyes, with no more than pinpricks for irises, Angie's version can be mimicked with the right contact lenses. Hers was specially hand-painted, at her request, to resemble the horizontal pupils of a goat.  

"Usually I’m the one pushing for prosthetics and weirdness, and it was kind of the reverse on this film,” Baker conceded. 

This and her penchant for vials of blood prove Angelina is one black-magic woman in real life. 

Staff and raven

Maleficent's staff was the nucleus of her power in Sleeping Beauty. It was made of metal; you can certainly remember the sound it made when she bade the royal court to listen to her curse. In the live-action movie, however, the staff serves more as a walking aid, and it is wooden, topped by a blue-green orb

Whereas the past Maleficent would have you carrying around a plush raven, this time you can tag along a live person as props. (Spoiler in the next sentence.) Apparently, the new Maleficent keeps a pet raven that transforms into a human, Diaval. A great idea for couples on Halloween, if anything. 

Don't be a disgrace to the forces of evil

Listen well, all of you. You don't need to circle far and wide to find your Maleficent fancy dress. With smart decisions in the wardrobe and makeup departments, you can lessen your risk of being a disgrace to the forces of evil.

Stand back, you fools! 

How to dress as Maleficent, the animated version, here

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