How to Dress Like Maria Paula from Lazos de Amor

September 08, 2021

Qué personaje te gustaría ser?

Ask any viewer of the classic telenovela Lazos de Amor this question, and you'll probably get the same answer: Señorita María Paula Rivas Iturbe.

There is just something aspirational about pretending to be the bad seed of the triplets played (all at once) by Lucero on the legendary 1995 Televisa show. The Mexican actor had starred in several telenovelas at that point, but it was her turn as María Guadalupe, María Fernanda and María Paula that truly elevated her to diosa tier. 

At a loss on what costume to wear to Dia de Los Muertos or Samhain in general? Trace that pinkie finger across your eyebrow and let's get to work. 

Maria Paula hairstyle

Maria Paula is like the Samson of telenovela villains. You just know her strength stems from her hair.

If you have waist-length hair, you're halfway there. The secret to a nice Maria Paula ponytail is tying your hair back twice at the right height. What you're going to do next is just to bring those ties—of love, pun intended—forward and securing them near the center of your head. 

Hair not long enough? There's always an extension; don't worry about it. Ponytail extensions come in a lot of lengths and shapes especially now that the high ponytail has become the hairstyle of choice for many women. (Thanks, Ariana Grande?) 

It's important that you keep it true to Maria Paula though and choose a straight, not wavy, ponytail. Let it fall on your back, too, instead of draping them over your shoulders, which would be a very Maria Guadalupe thing to do. 

Maria Paula costume

Maria Paula means business. Her wardrobe of choice alternates between power suits, power suits, and did we mention power suits? 

Whether she's near her uncle Eduardo or just plotting devious schemes at home, she is almost never not seen with pencil skirts, which she often pairs with matchy matchy blazers.

Te confundes si nos ves

It takes a special kind of evil to wish ill will on your blood and flesh. So play dress-up like Miss Iturbe but remember that the bonds of love will always...llevamos dentro.  

It's also good to realize just how far women have come from the viceroyalty years of modesty. Today it feels empowering to wear suits as a woman, and no one should be villainized for having a seat at the table like Eduardo, Alejandro and all those boardroom boys.

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